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Please visit the City of Manhattan for latest Bike Month info.

Bike Month

Bike Month is about having fun, celebrating spring, and trying something new. 

To help you do just that, Manhattan has a wide range of events this year.

For a complete list of all events & rides see the City of MHK's official Bike Month page.

Register for an Event

These events take planning. Preregistration isn't required, but signing up now, helps events run smoothly.

Sat. May 2
Coffee Cruise 1.27.2020.png
Mon. May 4
Bike Bag Sewing Workshop 2.png
Sat. May 9
Bike Camping.png
Sat. May 23
FH Gravel Road.png


These great events can't happen without the help of volunteers. If an event just isn't for you, consider volunteering.  Have fun off your bike, while ensuring your friends have fun on theirs. 

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