Little Apple Loop

Fact 1

We all want the Linear Trail loop to be completed.

Fact 2

The remaining 6 miles of Linear Trail are years away from being built.

Fact 3

You don't have to wait, because the Little Apple Loop is here today.


22.5 miles long

11 separate MHK trails connected via Bike Lanes, Bike Blvds, low volume streets, and a few key sidewalk connections

Counter-Clockwise Route:  Easier; hills more gradual with longer downhill descents

Clockwise:  Harder; steeper hill climbs

Accessible from all parts of MHK

Route Markings

Look for this icon along the route.  Follow the arrows to help navigate your way.  Keep a keen eye as they're minimal in size and number.


High Res PDF

LAL - Yellow Highlight Map - LowRes.png

Google Maps



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